Things to Consider When You Get Arrested in Travis County

You should keep calm and quiet. Stay on your best behavior. Do not beg, cry, plead, scream, abuse, or reckoning with the arresting officer as it will change his mind and maybe he didn’t arrest you for DWI Austin Texas.

Never ask the police officer to drive you residence, allow you to walk to the house, or let you call somebody to pick you up suggests Bobby Salehi Houston Tx. Actually, your words can be used in court later to suggest only a drunken person would make these requests because you aren’t refusing the allegation of being intoxicated. In fact, if the policeman believes he has apparent cause to arrest you, you are definitely going to prison, period.

Remember only answer identifying queries such as address, driver’s license, etc. Also, do not agree to submit to a breath or blood sample if you have not taken any alcohol or drugs and you know you will get a clean report. Maybe this results in driver’s license suspension for a long period but it is always best not to give the State with proof against you.

Remember that you are on Camera

The best way to fight your case is to go to trial. The judges will see the video and decision will be on the basis of video evidence. The criminal defense lawyer will also watch the video of your arrest before making a plea offer. They will definitely see it earlier than picking a judge. So make sure not to react in an inappropriate manner.

No matter what the police officer tells you, you are probably to be in prison for at least 10 to 12 hours or more before your discharge. Also, many officers say arrestees, you will not see the jury instantly emphasis Bobby Salehi Houston Tx. Just like any other large legislative organization, all at the Travis County prison tends to move at a hostile speed.

And your case is usually handled in the order your arrest was made, as in, first come first served. When you go into the holding cell and see other individuals that were in prison before you, expect a comprehensive wait before you are free.

Wrapping Up

Drunk driving is severe criminal wrongdoing in Texas. You may lose your driving license. The costs and consequences of a conviction are severe. Even a first-time offense will give you a criminal record that leftovers for the rest of your life.

So, if you are facing driving while drunken accuse its extremely important that you hire Bobby Salehi Houston Tx for legal representation of your case. Contact Bobby for a free consultation immediately.

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Here’s What You Need to Know about Texas Personal Injury Law

Accidents can occur anywhere. You may be on your way to office or shopping in a nearby store. Maybe you are with family or acquaintances, spending time on hobbies or recreational pursuit. Or you may even be on holiday, or in the process of traveling to meet up family. Perhaps, you are going for your business meeting, and on the way, you find yourself caught in a personal injury case.

The Texas personal injury lawyer like Bobby Salehi Houston Tx, understand the serious consequences that accident can have on your life. Actually, these accidents are often not a mishap at all but instead the result of somebody irresponsible or negligent conducts.


Personal Injury Cases are the Most Complex Cases

Finding fault in a Texas car mishap can be a very difficult matter, depending on the surrounding situations. Some misfortunes engross some parties and present straightforward issues. And other cases involve composite fact patterns that need judges to consider and apply several lawful doctrines. One of the common problems that can occur in Texas personal injury cases that may make the case more difficult is the occurrence of numerous parties, each of which shares some amount of mistake in causing a mishap. In such cases, Texas courts apply what is usually known as the doctrine of proportional fault.

Texas Shared Fault Rules

In some personal injury cases, the person who is filing a claim against argues that are essentially to blame for the happening that led to their injuries. If offender and injured person share some amount of accountability, it can end up affecting the total amount of recompense you have to pay to injured parties.

In shared fault injury cases, Texas pursues a modified comparative negligence rule emphasis Bobby Salehi Houston Tx. This means that the amount of reimbursement you have to pay will be decreased by an amount that is equivalent to the proportion of fault. In fact, if injured party found to bear about 50 percent of the legal culpability, this means you need not to pay anything to them. And you cannot handle such cases by your own. Hence, you need a legal representative for handling your case or release you from such accusation.

Have You Been Charged for Texas Car Accident?

If you have been recently found guilty for a car accident, you may be charged through a Texas personal injury lawsuit. It is crucial that you contact Bobby SalehiHouston Tx personal injury lawyer for your legal representation. Bobby Salehi has extensive experience handling all types of Texas personal injury cases. His team helps in settling any liens against your settlement. You can count on the personal injury lawyer to reduce the fine you are going to face. The team of Bobby also works hard to make sure your case gets dismissed as soon as possible. Contact today for a free consultation!

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5 Questions to Ask a Criminal Defense Lawyer before Hiring

If you have been charged with an offense in Austin, it is imperative to make the correct choice when it comes to hiring a lawyer. This is because; having the right person on your side from the start can increase the chances of winning the case or reduce the charges says Bobby Salehi Houston Tx. But it is actually challenging to get the right Austin criminal defense attorney. There are a lot of things to consider for different situations.

Here, are some questions you should ask a lawyer before hiring:

  • Ask for certification – It is crucial to hire a board certified lawyer. This is because a board-certified attorney knows criminal cases and can handle more efficiently. Moreover, a certified attorney has tried a lot of cases.

  • Ask about jury trials – If you do not want to go to trial, you will want an attorney who has tried loads of jury trials. Prosecutor makes appeal offers based on what consequence the prosecutor thinks he can obtain if he tries the case to judges. Therefore, ask an attorney before hiring how many trials he/she has tried in the past three years. This will help you decide whether to hire or not suggest Bobby Salehi Houston Tx.

  • Have you worked as a prosecutor – The question, why to hire a criminal lawyer who used to work as a prosecutor is rendering in your mind. Well there are a lot of reasons such as:
  1. It is always good to have somebody in your defense who knows what attack to expect.
  2. Former prosecutors usually have more trial experience.
  3. An individual who has worked as a prosecutor has credibility with current prosecutors.
  • You will handle the case yourself or send someone else – It is always necessary to ask a criminal defense attorney he/she will work on your case or anyone else. This is because why to hire a criminal defense lawyer who is not going to work on your case himself/herself.

  • Have you handled DWI cases – Actually, breathe test cases are technical. But no worries! There are a lot of technicalities who have many years experience with DWI cases. Hence, hire one who has tried a breath test case and won it.

Wrapping Up

No one wants their case go to trial. And only a criminal defense lawyer who has jury trial experience can help you say Bobby Salehi Houston Tx. Hence, follow the above tips if you are looking for someone to represent you in the court.

Hire Criminal Defense Lawyer to Reduce Domestic Violence Charges

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Usually, we have seen on the TV that a person facing jail time because of domestic violence felony. A few days later, the injured party makes a call to the police station and says they want to fall the charges. And arrested individual get free of charges says Bobby Salehi Houston Tx. But this does not occur in actuality if a person suspect of domestic violence. The criminal must have to hire a criminal defense attorney for their legal representation.  A lawyer can help him/her to reduce or free the charges.

Reasons why Domestic Violence Charges cannot be released?

Actually, the cases of domestic violence are taken very seriously. Although if you are wrongly suspect, it is daunting to think that a renounce statement is not enough to drop charges. A domestic violence prosecutor may still chase an assurance if he or she trusts that:

•    The injured party wants to resolve with the criminal.

•    He / She economically dependent and cannot pay for the criminal to be in prison.

•    Maybe the sufferer is scared of going through with the process.

•    There can be a possibility that injured party is frightened of revenge by family or friends.

If persons make a call to release the charges then there may be any one of the above explanations. The only region lawyer can choose to go ahead with the case. But this does not mean that alleges will stick and you will be imprisoned. Hiring domestic violence lawyers is a wise choice in order to get rid of the criminal charges. According to Bobby Salehi Houston Tx, there are very sane defenses that can result in a release or clemency. If folks act without a legal representative, they may make a blunder which brunt their life.

Hire Experienced Attorney to Fight Domestic Violence Charges

There are a lot of hazards if you are accused of domestic violence crime in Austin. Along with domestic violence punishments such as fine and prison sentences, the criminals may also find themselves:

•    Jobless or difficulty in finding employment.

•    Cannot meet up his/her kid’s.

•    Not allowable to carry his/her own gun.

•   Can also face immigration glitches.

So, it is essential to hire an experienced defense attorney who can abolish or reduce the charges.

Wrapping Up

Are you blameless and facing domestic violence charges? Know the reality that there is always hope? Hence, never let yourself be crooked of the crime you did not commit by taking the help of criminal defense lawyer. You should contact a criminal defense lawyer like Bobby Salehi Houston Tx who has many years of practice and handles your case with the greatest care.

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Tips on How to Find Best Criminal Defense Attorneys

It’s actually challenging and sometimes frustrating to find the best Austin criminal attorney. There are lots of things to consider for each individual circumstance says Bobby Salehi Houston Tx. There is no specific formula to find the right attorney for different crimes such as drunk driving, domestic violence, and others. However, there are a few rules to consider. Here are some:

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Ask Around:

The very first way to find the best Austin criminal lawyer is to ask around. You should check with friends and family. Also, talk to civil attorneys and see if they can advise someone. The benefit of asking around is that you can find a lawyer whom you can trust and need not to do more search on the Internet. In fact, you can also negotiate with them if they ask for more money.

Focus and Experience with Criminal Defense:

A lot of lawyers out there who have never represented a client in a criminal defense case. And you need an attorney who has experience of some year and who has to reveal the weak points in prosecutor urging. At Austin.Law, criminal defense is the sole focus of lawyers. They always make sure that charges get dismissed. Hence, think once before you hire someone without having any experience emphasis Bobby Salehi from Houston Tx.

Locality Knowledge and Reputation:

Every court norms are different at the local level. This is because the judges and prosecutors, everyone have their own perception and quirks. And a local criminal defense attorney accounts for these. Moreover, the reputation of that lawyer also matters. Hence, search properly before making any decision.

Personal Attention and Commitment:

 A well reputed or experienced attorney will be fully committed to you and your case. Actually, dealing with unlawful charges is an emotionally exhausting time. And individuals going through that situation have concerns, questions, and fears. Hence, your attorney must be available to you to provide the necessary information.

The Defense You Need:

Top criminal defense lawyers have proven track record as well as unwavering dedication to their clients. They can provide the defense for each and every case. Moreover, you can find someone who has specialization in a particular field such as domestic violence or any other. Hiring such a lawyer increases the chances of your winning.

Wrapping Up:

If you have been arrested or are under investigation for any type of criminal offense, you need a knowledgeable, qualified legal team. An experienced or reputed attorney provides the powerful defense that individual need to see their charges dismissed or reduced. Contact Bobby Salehi Houston Tx today to arrange your free initial case evaluation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help You?

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Jail time,fines, and felony conviction are severe penalties. Are you facing any of these penalties due to a considerable offense? If so, you need a great defense lawyer like Bobby Salehi Houston Tx. No matters how smart you are, representing yourself in a criminal assessment is actually difficult.

The criminal defense lawyers are educated to uncover and find essentials that are unique. In fact, they look for factors and listen to the arguments that can diminish a conviction of a crime. Or there are a lot of lawful concepts at pay during a trial in which a person won’t know when a meticulous fact could have a vital impact on a case. Hence, you should hire a criminal defense lawyer. Here are some benefits of hiring a criminal lawyer:



Understanding of criminal law system

A criminal defense attorney has knowledge of every aspect of law and court procedures.It’s their duty to find any loopholes in the system that can work in their client’s favor. Furthermore, there are some unrecorded rules that found in each jurisdiction that criminal defense attorney is aware.

Access to vital resources

Most cases involve evidence from witnesses in which proof and statements must be collected. An experienced attorney has contact with the investigator that can inspect the offense and find evidence that would make a witness’s testimony less credible. This could be a great benefit to your case. Hence, Bobby Salehi Houston Tx advice you to hire a criminal defense lawyer as he/she improves the chances of winning your case.

Negotiation skills

In order to reduce the charges or eradicate the charges permanently, a plea bargain is the best option. But prosecutors sometimes take benefit of individuals who represent themselves. Actually, the advocate knows that going to trial against an apprentice is easier than a trial with an experienced lawyer. Therefore, it is crucial to have a criminal defense lawyer by your side for your legal representation. These lawyers advise you from starting of the case, what to do for the plea bargain.

Provide emotional support

You can talk anything related to your case to a criminal defense attorney, which you cannot even share to your family. Actually, these lawyers provide technical as well as emotional support to their clients. So, while choosing an advocate, it is crucial to pick up someone you can trust.

Wrapping Up

Bobby Salehi Houston TX – A criminal defense lawyer has shared his view why it’s beneficial to hire a criminal defense lawyer. These lawyers not only help you obtain a plea bargain but also protect you from false allegations or unfair sentences. So, contact a criminal defense lawyer if you are going through any false criminal accusations.